2016 Show Results

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DIVISION A - Flowers Ring of BellsCentral Garage
  1st 2nd 3rd
1 Dahlia, any kind, 1 specimen bloom (not pompon) Alan Fry John Williams Roy Halsey
2 Dahlias, vase of 3 blooms, different varieties (not pompons) Roy Halsey John Williams G Moule
3 Dahlias, 3 heads floating in a bowl of water John Williams Rosie Neale  
4 Dahlias, vase of 3 decorative John Williams Alan Fry Roy Halsey
5 Dahlias, vase of 3 cactus and / or semi-cactus John Williams Roy Halsey  
6 Dahlias, vase of 5 blooms, any kind John Williams Roy Halsey  
7 Rose, 1 specimen bloom, large flower (HT) Rosemary Wharton Rosie Neale Roy Halsey
8 Roses, vase of 3 blooms, large flower (HT) Roy Halsey    
9 Rose, 1 spray of Cluster-flower (floribunda) Rosie Neale Sarah Cockerton Roy Halsey
10 "Les Martin Memorial Certificate" - Fuchsias, 4 heads on a board with stems in water (double flowering cultivar/s) Roy Halsey    
11 Fuchsias, 4 heads on a board with stems in water (single flowering cultivar/s) Roy Halsey Sarah Cockerton Helen Fox
12 Chrysanthemums, 5 stems Rosemary Wharton Richard Wharton Roy Halsey
13 Vase of Annuals, 5 stems, 2 varieties Janette Chaplin-Fisher    
14 Antirrhinums, vase of 3 stems      
15 Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers (NOT Chrysanthemums) Jean Knapman Janette Chaplin-Fisher  
16 Top Vase Councillor Bob & Mavis Bailey Liz Hill Roy Halsey John Williams
17 Hydrangeas, vase of 3 blooms Nina Down Liz Hill Roy Halsey
18 Shrubs, vase of 3 different kinds Jean Knapman Rosemary Darby Liz Hill
19 Gladiolus, 1 specimen spike Liz Hill Janette Chaplin-Fisher  
20 Vase of Perennials, 5 stems, any variety or varieties Janette Chaplin-Fisher John Williams  
21 A Cactus or Succulent in pot Helen Boyd Jean Knapman Terri Comley
22 Geranium/Pelargonium in pot Jean Knapman Terri Comley Janette Chaplin-Fisher
23 Bonsai exhibit Alan Fry Sheila Fry  
24 Orchid, in pot Linda Bond Claire Irvin Sheila Smirthwaite
25 House plant - foliage in pot Janette Chaplin-Fisher Clair Irvin Jean Knapman
26 House plant - flowering in pot Jean Knapman John Williams Richard Wharton
DIVISION A Show Trophy Winner Roy Halsey
DIVISION B - Fruit and Vegetables Addicott Electrics
  1st 2nd 3rd
27 Runner beans, 9 Charles Egarr Reg Pepperell  
28 Onions, 3, grown from seeds John Williams Charles Egarr  
29 Onions, 3, grown from sets Roy Halsey Linda Bond Reg Pepperell
30 Shallots, plate of 6, any kind John Williams Charles Egarr Roy Halsey
31 Potatoes, 3, round or oval Roy Halsey Janette Chaplin-Fisher Reg Pepperell
32 Beet, 3 of one variety John Williams Charles Egarr Roy Halsey
33 Courgettes, 2 Rosie Neale Richard Wharton  
34 Tomatoes, 5, ordinary cultivars John Williams Reg Pepperell Charles Egarr
35 Tomatoes, 5, of small fruited cultivar Mu Britcliffe Alan Fry Geldard
36 Carrots, 3 of one variety Roy Halsey Charles Egarr Dean Gallimore
37 Herbs, fresh, culinary, 3, in water Rosemary Darby Linda Bond Liz Hill
38 Any other vegetable, not enumerated above Clair Irvin G Moule Roy Halsey
39 Vegetables, collection of 5 different kinds, 1 specimen of each Roy Halsey Reg Pepperell Charles Egarr
40 Apples, cooking, 3 Rosie Neale Rosemary Wharton Roy Halsey
41 Apples, dessert, 3 Roy Halsey Rosemary Wharton Irene Hill
42 Pears, 3 Rosie Neale    
43 Raspberries, 12, with stalks Rosie Neale G Moule Rosemary Wharton
44 Fruit, a plate of any kind not enumerated above Rosemary Wharton Rosie Neale Linda Bond
45 Top Tray Councillor Bob & Mavis Bailey John Williams Reg Pepperell Roy Halsey
  "Geoff Smirthwaite Memorial Certificate" - awarded for most points in fruit classes Rosie Neale
DIVISION B Show Trophy Winner Roy Halsey
DIVISION C - Floral Art
  1st 2nd 3rd
46 Rio 2016 Nina Down Mrs V Roberts Mrs M Overill
47 90th Birthday Celebration Nina Down Mrs V Roberts Di Ewing
48 Rain Forest Nina Down Liz Hill Mrs V Roberts
49 Carnival Margaret Roberts Nina Down Di Ewing
50 Celebration in a Wine Glass Nina Down Margaret Roberts Liz Hill
51 Arrangement in a Basket, Novice class      
52 Going for Gold, 16yrs and under      
DIVISION C Show Trophy Winner Nina Down
DIVISION D - Domestic Bishopsteignton Women's Institute
  1st 2nd 3rd
53 Chutney Jean Knapman Mrs G Hardy Janette Chaplin-Fisher
54 Jam Terri Comley Clair Irvin Chris Hunt
55 No Cook Chocolate Cake - 5 on a plate Venice James Janette Chaplin-Fisher Jean Knapman
56 Treacle Tart Rachel Gibson Janette Chaplin-Fisher Janet Williams
57 1 Loaf of Bread Mark Fox Jossi Tibbetts Kate Brooks
58 Lemon Drizzle Cake - 5 slices on a plate Jean Knapman Mrs G Hardy Venice James
59 Plain Scones - 3 on a plate. Age 16 years or under Jossi Tibbetts Rosa Tibbetts  
60 Cheese Straws - 6 on a plate (Men only) G Moule Roger Hunt Ian Boyd
61 Victoria Sponge (Men only) Jon Tibbetts Mark Fox Ian Matthews
DIVISION D Show Trophy Winner Jean Knapman
DIVISION E - Handicraft Bishopsteignton Surgery
  1st 2nd 3rd
62 A Patchwork Quilted Table Runner Jenny Dunford Joan Collings Janet Pepperell
63 A Cover for a Tablet or a Mobile Phone Rosemary Darby Ruth Hardisty-Dyer Joan Collings
64 A Set of 4 Placemats or Coasters Janet Pepperell Rosemary Darby Jenny Dunford
65 A Necklace, Bracelet or Brooch Gill Greatorex Rosemary Darby Jenny Dunford
66 A Knitted or Crochet Cot or Pram Blanket Rosemary Darby Ruth Hardisty-Dyer Janette Chaplin-Fisher
67 A Hand-made 90th Birthday Card (Fit for a Queen) Mrs G Hardy Venice James  
DIVISION E Show Trophy Winner Rosemary Darby
DIVISION F - Children's Bishopsteignton Women's Institute
  1st 2nd 3rd
68 At the Farm (Pre-school) Amber Burgess Theo Kelly Alice Reddaway
69 Design your own Royal Crown (Age 5 years and under) Rosie Neale    
70 Design a Birthday Card for the Queen (Age 7/8 years) Phoebe G Tegan Lauren
71a Portrait of the Queen (Age12 years and under) Bea Victoria Hope
71b   Ashling Mia Lily
71c   Alfie Jay No Name Josh
72 Rocket made out of Recycled Materials (Age 16 years and under) Cody Carpenter Rosa Tibbetts  
73 Garden in a Seed-tray (Age 16 years and under) Rosa Tibbetts Alisha Brooks Nathaniel Pike
DIVISION G - Art and Photography Ken Sunshine
  1st 2nd 3rd
74 A Painting - any medium or line and wash Irene Hill T Hardy Izzy Tibbetts
75 A Photograph - Featuring Water Rosemary Wharton Richard Wharton Geldard
76 A Photograph - 'A Garden, any Season' Monica Sturgess Di Ewing  
77 A Photograph - A Humorous Photograph      
  Plate of Vegetables
  Plate of 6 Rum Truffles and 6 Coconut Ice
  Basket of Garden Flowers, arranged for effect
  An Item of Handicraft from Recycled Materials
SOCIETY CLASS Challenge Trophy Winner Bishopsteignton Garden Club

Additional awards are occasionally made for exceptional exhibits:

Diplomas for Excellence in Horticulture were awarded to:
John Williams for Dahlias
Roy Halsey for Dessert Apples
Charles Egarr for Vegetables

Certificates for excellence in Floral Art were awarded to:
Nina Down
Margaret Roberts